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page updated 26 July 2017


Hi there

I'd like to invite you to The Shitkickers Ball4  which I've organised at The Cluny1 in Newcastle on Sunday 17th September 2017 from 2pm till 8pm. Four of the finest bands in the NE have assembled for what's going to be a brilliant full afternoon's musical entertainment at this excellent venue.

HED will be opening with their own special groove of Blues Rock that puts a new slant on well loved titles.

The Pistoleros to follow will blow you away with their polished virtuoso covers of rock and pop songs that you rarely hear performed today.

STAN  still continue to excite every audience they perform for with their self penned power pop anthems and heart wrenching ballads.

Groovetrain are the premier Soul and R'n'B outfit of the area who'll knock you out with their imaginative arrangements of classic numbers.

The tickets are available now for 5 from The Cluny1 or contact me by email and we can sort out PayPal, posting and any other queries you may have.
Contact me at :-

The Cluny1 is way down East on the Ouseburn Delta at Newcastle's historic Quayside. You can get there on foot from Byker Metro (15 mins) or catch one of the Quaylink buses straight from the many stops in the Toon. It has a fine selection of real ales and does an excellent Sunday dinner as well as other food.

Hope to see you at what promises to be a monster afternoon with all the monies collected being donated to  St. Oswalds Hospice Gosforth.  There will be NO raffle and NO auction so best save all your change for the buckets that will be going round in the hands of big gadgies (and gadgettes) throughout the event.

This will be the last music event I organise as I'm too owld for this game now so please can you forward this email to all your mates, a FaceBook page has been set up as well :-

Get yassells owwa man let's mek it a good'n